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Originally Posted by sachin View Post
Just curious, if you hate this team, why waste your time? Does it make you feel better to watch and say "Oh, man, this team stinks! I'm gonna watch the whole game then complain about how much I hate this team and hate watching them!!!"

Yeah, this team is terrible but if you dont want to watch this White Sox baseball, find something else to do.

Ride a bike, read a book, watch Phineas & Ferb...
That attitude is more infuriating than the team's play. The team's bad so somehow we should either accept it happily and keep our mouth's shut or leave baseball forever?

We complain because that's what a lot of fans need to be do when it's this bad. Not watching is also an option, but it shouldn't be in the sense that if you aren't going to be positive about this ****ty team you need to go away. Everyone deals with it differently. Just because I can accept how bad they are (and have since before the season) doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say about it.
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