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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
I heard Farmer and then Rongey talk a lot about how Danks was missing his spots, as if he starts hitting his spots then everything will be okay. Part of being an effective pitcher is having good enough stuff to get away with missing your spots. Danks does not have Major League stuff right now. He's going to get hit hard in most of his outings. Why put him in the bullpen when he's going to suck there, too? Send him to the minors and bring him back up if/when he improves. Right now he's Jim Parque.

Williams does not deserve to hold any job in the organization after giving Danks $50 million.

Not to mention Dunn and his $56 million..!! This club with Flowers calling pitches and he can't even block a ball in the dirt, Alexi who has got some kind of problem this year, (maybe personal) and everyone not knowing how many outs there are when they are on the bases, says a lot about disfunction IN THE ORGANIZATION and I blame Williams...!!!
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