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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
You know what? They could have drafted well ( not by how much its costs) and straightened out the minor league system since at least 2006 along with doing what they did. They had the resources to do so and also the push of a world series championship. Its all on ownership.
Yes, that's true, but it didn't happen, for a variety of reasons. The Sox have chosen not to fire the Williams/Hahn management team for this, and they almost certainly won't do so, either, or at least not unless/until this rebuild is deemed a failure by none other than Jerry Reinsdorf.

Keep in mind that JR's emphasis on loyalty/patience is likely driven/exacerbated by his experiences earlier in his ownership tenure, specifically firing Tony LaRussa, who turned out to be an excellent manager and who JR regrets firing. They also didn't find ways to keep Jeff Torborg, Terry Francona, and Dave Dombrowski, and JR probably regrets allowing them to leave the organization as well. Also, he hasn't fired a Sox GM since Larry Himes after the 1990 season.

There is no point to crying over spilled milk. For better or worse, JR has entrusted the milk cleanup to KW and Hahn.
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