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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I just wonder how all these high minded brow beaters are going to react if the Sox are still mired in defeat come 2020 what ever the hell the lineup may be at that time. A few more 90-100 or more loss seasons in a row will grate on you, as the man in the commercial used to say "I guarantee it." They picked a lane. Whoppee ding dong. It isn't going to make the Sox any more watchable in the near term and it doesn't make success in the longer term a given. Of course I hope it all works out. The Sox need a minimum of 3 of their highly touted prospects to pan out, 4 is even better. They also need to string together some Larry Himes quality drafts in a row. Is it all doable? Yes, but a long ways from a sure bet.
There are no sure bets - regardless of strategy - period. They could have kept Sale, Eaton, and Q, added the 3 most sought-after free agents, and still be sitting home during the post-season.

It's not that difficult - the Sox poor drafting, terrible farm system, and poor FA signings put them in the position they're in today. They had 2 choices - continue to try to buy their way into contention by signing the likes of Todd Frazier, Adam Dunn, Melky Cabrera, etc., or they could try to build something more sustainable and longer-lasting by revamping their farm system. I really can't believe there are fans that would have opted for the latter.

The other part of the free-agency approach is that you not only have to pony up the cash, but the player has to agree to come. Furthermore, the FA crop in '17 was bad and it might be worse in '18. I'd rather they roll the dice on Moncada and Jiminez than throw a bunch of money at Upton or Cespedes.
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