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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
I wish I was as confident as you are about the White Sox pitching. In the last 48 games the White Sox starting rotation has a ERA of 5.80. This starting rotation looks like it will be the worse White Sox rotation since 1970, the year the team lost 106 games. If Hahn trades off Robertson and the other members of our bullpen this could turn out to be one of the worse pitching staffs in modern day MLB. Who are they going to bring up to replace these guys? Carson Fulmer with his 6.ERA?
Hopefully they bring up no one. Because this year's team being bad is anywhere from irrelevant to a plus. What matters is what the crop of prospects on the farm do and maximizing their development. The only pitcher at the major league level whose performance matters is Rodon. If they set a record for worst staff in modern day MLB or if Derek Holland has a 2d half that vaults him into Cy Young Contention, it matters little (except in the sense that he'd have trade value).

In terms of 2020 (aka the title of the thread) pitching, what matters is how Rodon does, and then how Kopech, Lopez, Dunning, Hansen, Giolito, Cease, etc do and how Burdi recovers.
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