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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
Well they were an 84 loss team last year even with the mirage of the first 20 something games. 87 the year before that. 89 losses before that. Wanna keep going? Because it doesn't get any prettier. And that was with Sale and Quintana. That wasn't getting old? That wasn't grating? That wasn't making you think "Hmm maybe this route isn't working" ? How many more of those seasons did you want? Because that's exactly what you were gonna get if they didn't go for the full rebuild.

They were going NOWHERE, with or without those guys. Would you have preferred more lost seasons like that instead and only realizing when it's too late that they should've blown it up? I don't understand what people were expecting. That they were gonna compete?

They've rebuilt their farm system over one offseason and halfway through this season with the best talent you could've POSSIBLY hoped for if a team were to go this route. Best talent you possibly could've hoped for. From the basement to the top of the league. In less than a year.

And the one thing I wouldn't really worry about is pitching. If there's anything we know about the White Sox and what they can actually do well, it's develop pitching. They've built and re-built a lot of players that were nothing but guys that teams didn't want and made them into good to great pitchers. Even Sale, as regarded as he was, there were doubts about him among scouts that he wouldn't be able to hold up. It's just gonna take a few years, which is exactly what they have.

Well said.
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