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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
1. Yes, the game would have turned out differently. The Rays would have had all 10 runs in the first four innings.

2. It is not hard to leave with a higher ERA when you came in with a 1.04 or whatever it was. 1 run in 8 innings would raise that ERA. Not exactly a bright spot to point out.
I wouldn't say it's not hard for the Sox to send Moore out of the game with a higher ERA than he had coming in. If it was easy, he wouldn't have such a low ERA against the rest of the league.

If your bullpen gives up eight runs, it's not a winnable game. If Floyd isn't hurt and only gives up two or three, or your long reliever comes in and shuts down the offense, as it very much is. Moore has been vey good this season, but a pitchng duel would have been winnable, despite Moore's ERA. Even with a comfortable lead, Moore seemed to have gone as far as he could go, at least at that level, Saturday night. If the game is close when he leaves, the Sox have a good,although not great, chance in the game.

This game could be compared with a game last year in St. Petersburg when Quintana had to come out in the fourth. I think we remember why. In that game the Sox had a 2-1 lead at the time, but the bullpen didn't let the game get out of hand. The Sox won that one 4-3.

I don't know why Ventura put in Santiago or left in Santiago. It appeared the A relievers needed the rest and he needed Santiago to step up. It didn't happen. I don't think Ventura wasn't trying to win the game. It looked like he didn't want to overuse relievers in a situation where he wasn't protecting a lead.
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