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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
He's got long man/back end stuff, and that's what his numbers started to show. It was always gonna happen. Going forward, it's not likely he's going to have an ERA under 4 (and probably closer to the high 4's overall).

Because saying "I think Johnson will be a massive improvement" really has no meaning if you've ever read any scouting report on him ever. He, likely many others, has just enough to be here and stick around for a few years. And I think he should. But we're not going to have a good rotation with these kinds of guys in it.
Well, during the period when according to you Santiago fell apart, his ERA wasn't even above four. I don't know where you get that he has long man stuff either. It's been his plus stuff that has allowed him success so far; it is his command that needs work. And if Johnson has just enough to stick around for a few years then that will be a massive improvement over Axelrod.
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