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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
It wouldn't take much to improve the defense on this team. Get a defensive CF and sign Salty and there's your improvement. Bullpens aren't hard to improve - we were throwing some really bad pitchers out there a lot. You want to hyperbolize it, fine. But it wouldn't be hard. The key to winning a WS is to get 4 elite hitters on this team, or 7 good ones. We may have 1. And we need another elite starter. As for Santiago, we'll see, but comparisons to Axelrod (who always got hit hard) are just daft.
Who said most teams don't produce minor league players. Presuming you meant major leaguers, the question is whether they turn into above average major leaguers.
The point of the Astros isn't that they won't be decent soon (although I still don't see much pitching in that organization outside of a couple of guys)'s that to get to that point, they turned themselves horrible for 3 seasons. And there's exactly zero evidence that this tactic will land them a playoff berth; in fact no team has won a WS using that approach and exactly 1 has made a WS (2 if you count the 2006 Tigers). Their GM made some nice moves...he got some promising minor leaguers for some mediocre players like Bud Norris and made a great trade to get Lowry.
I'm all for doing that. Heck I would try to trade Alexei and Beckham too. Live with L Garcia for a year (but bat him last, not first, Ventura).
I don't think adding a defensive CF and an average catcher on both sides of the ball for serious money longterm will make us appreciably better. Maybe if they were the two worst players on the team.