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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Santiago didn't fall apart...he went from being outstanding to average over the last 6 weeks. As relatively poorly as he pitched at the end, he still never got torched.

Axelrod sucks, no doubt, but he is irrelevant at this point. Johnson will surely take "his" place in the rotation, if not some other acquisition. Personally, I think Johnson will be a massive improvement at the end of the rotation.

With Danks, I could take him or leave him, but whether he has an arm left or not is still to be determined.
He's got long man/back end stuff, and that's what his numbers started to show. It was always gonna happen. Going forward, it's not likely he's going to have an ERA under 4 (and probably closer to the high 4's overall).

I wish people would qualify statements like you made about Johnson. Like "I saw this in X pitch that with a slight adjustment in X way, he should be able to improve". Because saying "I think Johnson will be a massive improvement" really has no meaning if you've ever read any scouting report on him ever. He, likely many others, has just enough to be here and stick around for a few years. And I think he should. But we're not going to have a good rotation with these kinds of guys in it.