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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Our starting pitching is not better than half of baseball... Santiago was phenomenal then fell apart without his peripherals taking a dive (meaning the league has seen his garbage enough to catch up). Axelrod had the same thing happen, only much sooner (because he has even worse stuff). And John Danks barely has an arm (and the numbers to prove it). Our minors are derelict.
Santiago didn't fall apart...he went from being outstanding to average over the last 6 weeks. As relatively poorly as he pitched at the end, he still never got torched.

Axelrod sucks, no doubt, but he is irrelevant at this point. Johnson will surely take "his" place in the rotation, if not some other acquisition. Personally, I think Johnson will be a massive improvement at the end of the rotation.

With Danks, I could take him or leave him, but whether he has an arm left or not is still to be determined.
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