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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
OK, uh, why? You're aware the team isn't going to be very good this upcoming season and Abreu is a long-term project, right? There were supposedly several teams offering similar deals so it's not like they could have just waited. Guy might need a little time just getting used to life in America, let alone playing professional baseball at this level. Even Yasiel Puig needed some seasoning in the minors before he made his debut.
The Sox signed a guy who will be 27 next season to the richest contract in franchise history. If he isn't ready for the majors, Hahn has some serious evaluation issues. It's not like they signed a prospect along the lines of Viciedo. If he's not ready to plug into the middle of the lineup, Hahn made a huge mistake.

Puig meanwhile was 22 when he spent time in the minors, while Abreu is a much more advanced hitter. In addition, Puig was coming off a season in which he was not allowed to play. In 2011-2012, he was banned from play due to a failed defection attempt.
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