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Ironically it was Kenny who decided to change that 'team / small ball' philosophy when he traded Rowand for Thome (and that's not saying a thing against Jim the consumate professional)



For whatever it's worth when the new ownership took over in January 1981 one of the first things EE said was (paraphrasing) 'the way to win today is through free agency and trades, not the minor league system...'

I don't have an issue with that approach either but to do so you've got to spend big money for the top quality free agents which by and large the Sox haven't done.

So again we get back to what's the philosophy? They won't spend big dollars for the best free agents and they won't spend big dollars on the minor league system. The Sox spent the fewest dollars over the previous five seasons in MLB on signing money for newcomers to baseball.

Rock and a hard place again isn't it?

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