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Originally Posted by soxnut67 View Post
I was listening to Waddle and Silvy the other day when Michael Wilbon was on and talking about the way Easterners think about the Midwest. Basically, we're another country to them. We're not thought about, they don't care, we're irrelevant.

In my opinion, the only time they do when they have no choice because of what they might consider something extaordinary, such as when the Bulls had Michael Jordan, the Cubs, because of how pathetic they were for many lifetimes, the '85 Bears, etc.
This is true for the most part. In a broad sense, people are more self-absorbed out here. Unless someone or thing is a media darling, they won’t be on their radars. That said, what ESPN is doing is journalistic malpractice. No excusing it, really.
"I have the ultimate respect for White Sox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Red Sox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country." Jim Caple, ESPN (January 12, 2011)

"We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the (bleeding) obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."George Orwell
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