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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
The forgetting '05 phenomena is a weird one. Part of me thinks it's because of the personnel. That team wasn't exactly full of household names. Probably the player with the greatest 'q-rating' was almost universally loathed by opposing fan bases. The other reason is the opponent. The Astros just weren't a super popular team like they are now.

Not that it matters, but if this current crop of players lead the Sox to another WS, I think they'll do so with a little more fanfare.
I really think that it wasn't our personnel...for the ESPN guys it's personal! We beat their beloved Red Sox 04 World series team, so they will exclude the White Sox championship so people forget the Red Sox got beat so thoroughly that year by a clearly better team. But..but..but...we have Manny and Big Papi!

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