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Originally Posted by hula View Post
I made a special trip from Durham to see Crede and Conteras in Charlotte yesterday (Sunday). Was sorry to hear Crede had already headed back to Chicago because of his back. Fans at the game who where were at Friday's game said he looked like he was in alot pain walking off the field... Hopefully things will get better for him.

Jose looked great warming up in the bullpen so we were ready for some great pitching. We were sadly disappointed in the 1st inning when he walked the first two batters (or was it three?), threw just a few strikes, and Durham scored three runs in the inning.

Thankfully he improved in the 2nd thru the 5th innings and did look good, so we're hopeful for his return to Chicago. After they took him out (he was only slated to pitch 5 innings), he went back to the bullpen and threw for most of the 6th inning. Never saw that one before!

As a sidenote, it was "Dog Days of Summer" at Charlotte's ballpark and it wasn't pleasant with the constant barking and fighting of dogs fans brought. It was very hot here and the dogs weren't happy even were peeing all over the concourse, and pooping. It was a mess! If this is any indication of what this event is like when they offer it in Chicago I feel for Sox fans ...... Not fun!
Thanks for slogging through all that dog **** to file this report. How did his velocity look?
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