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Originally Posted by voodoochile
I agree on the surface, but the simple fact is if they won consistently for an extended period of time they could grow that market. There are potentially 10M people to reach in the Metro area including Southern WI and NE Indiana an everything south of Chicago in Illinois until you get to Springfield.

The current market is 3M doesn't mean it couldn't be bigger if they won. I understand your point but I think it's too literal and misses a bigger truth. The Sox haven't earned more fans that doesn't mean there aren't more potential fans out there.
OK, but the club can only operate with the revenues they are getting now. They can’t operate at a loss and hope to make up for it by flipping Cub fans and converting non-baseball fans. Lip refers to the market size as being an advantage in the team’s attempt to assemble a winner; I am trying to point out that the “small-market team in a big market” trope is not entirely accurate, because the “big market” is not actually that big.

I used to think the same way. I thought one-third of Chicago was a more robust source of revenue than it actually is.
Originally Posted by Horsemaster Fred
This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.

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