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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post

They keep saying how popular the 83 uniforms are with fans, however it seems as though most of the fans I talk with aren't that crazy about them. They served a purpose at a particular time, and outside of the 83' season which ended prematurely after a great regular season of 99 wins, they don't really represent a winning era of White Sox baseball like the late 50s/early 60s era with the black and red trim pinstripes. I just think JR has a soft spot for the uniforms as they represent his first real mark on the team, outside of the failed Sportsvision.
I guess it all depends on what kind of fan you talk to. I doubt older fans (or even people who were adults in 1983) are huge fans of those 1983 uniforms, but I know lots of younger people who like them a lot (and I see them wear a lot of the stuff). I have no idea if JR has a soft spot for them or not, but I can promise you that the people who wear the stuff actually like it, they're not doing it out of some sort of tribute to JR.
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