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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't think Chet Coppock has ever said anything interesting, and this doesn't change my mind. His strength as a sports personality is being the butt of jokes, although and announcing scripted sports.

The promotions being questioned here are in the tradition of Bill Veeck. The difference is that the Reinsdorf group has put together better baseball teams than Veeck ever did.
I agree. Similar to other media people both in and out of the sports world, Coppock's biggest complaint seems to be that he and his colleagues are not getting enough access (in this case, to Reinsdorf). That's a pretty poor argument, one that the fans don't care about, and gets tiresome very quickly. I don't care if the owner was a hermit who lived atop a mountain in Bhutan, as long as the team was run well.

Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
I think he made some good points. The Sox are now the 5th team in Chicago, no one cares. I've been a member of WSI since 2006 and the low interest rate here at WSI must be at an all time low.
There are some very valid critiques to be made about how the Sox market themselves, and on a related note about the on-field product and how the organization is being run. I just don't see Coppock doing anything here but whining.
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