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Originally Posted by samurai_sox View Post
Yeah, Barry Zito's deal with the Giants really hurt that franchise, they only have 2 World Series championships in the last 3 seasons.
Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The Giants had an amazing group of guys come up at the same time with Lincecum, Cain, Posey, Panda, and that bullpen, none of which were making huge money yet. I won't say they were "lucky" because there's no such thing as luck in developing that much talent, but they were very fortunate that the Zito thing didn't hurt as bad as it could have.
Ya, because the Giants and White Sox finances are exactly the same too.

And Zito can still throw. Maybe not as effectively as he once could, but he didn't "break down" in the manner I was speaking. He's still somewhat productive.
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