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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Trading David Robertson to NY saved the White Sox millions of dollars with his long term contract. Tyler Clippard was the only player who we received who was making any money. He was moved to Houston for cash. More money saved for the White Sox.
So what? You continue to completely, and as far as I can tell, purposefully, miss the point. You want to ignore the obvious and claim it is all a JR conspiracy? Go for it. Apparently no one, including the obvious facts, can convince you otherwise.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Hahn has done an exceedingly good job of starting the rebuild and gathering in a ton of young talent. The results so far have been very good and it appears as if the good days will be here sooner than expected.

Sorry you are bitter and disappointed but the I for one am very excited. The Sox are going to be a very good team in a couple years and are already growing as an exciting team to watch now.

Let the kids play!
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