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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I think the problem is that there's other options for teams in regards to good pitchers that won't cost that much. For instance, Matt Garza is coming back from injury, has pitched really well in his last couple of starts, and won't cost nearly what a healthy Peavy would cost. Why pay the healthy Peavy price when you can grab Garza? Or, why not get Ricky Nolasco, who's both good and not injured and won't cost what Peavy would?

I think we'll see other guys come off the market first. If Peavy gets traded for anything significant, it's going to be because he comes back early and effective or because someone gets really desperate. I don't know if there's enough teams desperate for high end pitching for that to happen.
Well again I don't pretend to have any inside information on any of this, but there's just as many reasons why you'd take Jake over either Garza or Nolasco; Garza's been good since coming back from injury, but uh, he's coming off a pretty serious injury. And Ricky Nolasco sucks.

The ball is in the Sox's court, anyways, if they can't find a suitable price for Jake, then just keep him, his salary's not killing anybody, he's not keeping any blue chip prospect buried in AAA, he's one of the few veterans on this team that is actually playing well, and maybe this time next year, he's still pitching well and more valuable because there's another year less of guaranteed money he's owed.

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