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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Are you seriously suggesting that Hawk is to blame for Dunn's failures? Or for the teams offensive failures?
That's pretty ridiculous.

Our offensive failures are the GM's fault. Yeah, he didn't sign some of the problems. But the moves he made contributed. Keppinger's been brutal. Relying on Dayan and Flowers was a mistake.

Keppinger pretty much got AJ's money. How nice would AJ's line look in our lineup? He's hitting .310 with four bombs and ten rbi's.

Maybe it seemed like the right move to let AJ go...but his replacement bat (whether you consider it flowers by position or Keppinger by money) has cost this team on offense dearly.

And left field is probably the easiest position to get someone league average at for little money. Not finding someone to compete with Dayan is an absolute joke.
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