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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
As for Dunn, he's epic bad and is making his 2011 batting average of .158 look stellar compared to the .106 or whatever the hell it is he's batting now.
Now we read that he has identified a couple of minor technical issues that are responsible for his 1-for-31 streak. That to my mind hits the Sox problem on the sweet spot: Sox hitters don't know the difference between hitting a pitched baseball and a golf swing. For the latter, you fine tune every aspect of the swing because the ball cooperates completely. In baseball, you have to react. I thought that attitude might have come from Greg Walker, he of the gorgeous swing. Now I wonder if Hawk Harrelson spouts the same gobbledygook in the clubhouse as on the air and how much influence he has.

The Sox will get plenty of chances to work on their golf swings this fall.
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