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Originally posted by PaleHoseGeorge
Hey UK, are the Sox games coming to Britain via Sky Sports?

Murdoch owns both Fox and Sky. Nearly all the soccer available on TV here in the U.S. comes from Murdoch's Fox SportsWorld channel. However, most of the feeds come from Sky. I'm wondering if Murdoch is doing the same thing in reverse to show baseball in the UK?
Sunday & wednesday night baseball is on Five T.V. which is not part of the Murdoch empire. They show mainly ESPN's games e.g. what you guys see on sunday night on ESPN we get at the same time here, which is actually early monday morning baseball for us

We have a new subscription channel called NASN, totally devoted to sport in the USA for an additional fee that is part of Sky. I pay for Sky & I'm also subscribing to this extra channel. I can now watch baseball every night along with shows like Around the horn, PTI , baseball tonight, NHL & more. I looked at the June schedule & posted what's coming up for me to watch re. the Sox.

The problem is actually finding time to watch all the games I'd like to, as live games during the early hours here means I've got to record them, then try & find time to watch the next day. Fortunately, NASN show quite a few of the afternoon games around the US which is between 6.00-8.00pm here, depending where the game is being played.

The Sox are 0-4 live on TV here at the moment unfortunately
SOX will rise again........& I will return!!!!
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