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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't see the White Sox contending until they get more pitching. They could have built around what they had in 2016 if they had made made the magnitude of improvements the 2019 team needs. I certainly don't believe Kopech and for that matter Cease, are givens. Instead of working to put together a contender, this team has been putting itself in a position to build a contender.
I agree (although I think Cease is close to a given). Overall, I think the org. is way light in pitching depth; of course I've been saying that for years. They won 72 games last season against a pretty watered down schedule. They can't start trading for short-term players.

They did trade Eaton at the right time with his bloated WAR, but that was happenstance. They would have traded him anyway. The Nats won the world series because they could and did match the Astros' front-line starting pitching in a short series.
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