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Originally Posted by BubblingCalderon View Post
This makes me question eBay listings for giveaway items. I go to a large number of the promotional giveaway games. Sometimes I enter the stadium, get an item, leave and go back thru the line to get an extra item either because I have a friend who asked me to get one for them or I just have an extra ticket and figure rather than completely eat the ticket i can go get an extra item.

On a side note, if you have ten extra tickets the White Sox wont let you scan ten tickets and get ten items. You need to scan one get an item, leave, and go back thru the line over and over. If the item is popular you can realistically only go thru the line 2 maybe 3 times if your 1st in line.

Having gone through this process, I have never really understood how eBay sellers end up with tons of items. Specifically right now if you look up the disco demolition shirt you will find someone who's listing says 61 items sold.

In the past I've seen a few giveaways listed by sellers who's listings are over 100 sold

These will be items that run out after massive lines too.

I've seen people offer to buy bobble-heads for like $5 or $10 right inside the gate. But these people are buying very small amounts no where close to the amount of items that end up on eBay listed by a single seller.

The eBay listings never made sense to me, you would have to have some sort of inside scheme going on to obtain that amount.

It's also probable those ebay listings are counterfeit.
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