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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
Disco Demolition is a symbol of one thing: During the '70's White Sox ownership had no resources to run a major league baseball franchise. So, they tried a promotion to get people in the park and it truly blew up in their faces. It was the low point in Bill Veeck's career and the low point in a decade where the team had seven losing seasons and two last-place finishes.

You nailed it, and that's why it's weird for the team to celebrate it as just a fun promotion that got out of hand. It was the biggest symbol of a franchise that had become a laughingstock - a lousy team on the field, no plan to become competitive, a decaying ballpark, and a once-respected owner who relying on increasingly desperate stunts and promotions just to stay solvent. (That was the same season Veeck made Don Kessinger player-manager, and I think it was the same season they held rock concerts on the field that turned the whole outfield into mud and sand.) Whatever the cultural significance may be from the event, it gave the franchise a black-eye from a baseball standpoint and really tarnished the end of Veeck's career with the media, the city, and a lot of Sox fans.