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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The New York Times did an awesome job analyzing the Facebook data, breaking it down even further, by ZIP Code and shows the Sox still have a very strong hold on most of the South Side of the city as well as most of the South and Southwest suburbs and a large chunk of near NW Indiana,-87.547

Really cool ****.
That maps shows my ZIP being pretty much evenly split Sox/Cubs. As much as I'd love that to be the case, that really doesn't match my experience with people in this area. I still feel like I'm "one of those guys who is a Sox fan" in an area where most everyone else is Cubs! Cubs! Cubs! Maybe this map reflects younger fans (teens/early 20s) who have become Sox fans thanks to 2005 and the last decade or so that seems to have brought one Cubs embarrassment after another.

All the better reason to hope that Rick Hahn & Co turn this franchise around and make the Sox a playoff team again while I hope Theo's master plan stretches on for another decade of waiting for success.
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