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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I think I know why the Sox do this. Keep in mind, your "ticket" into the event isn't a typical ticket with a bar code that can be scanned. It's a laminated pass on a lanyard. If these things were sent out weeks in advance, there are some potential complications that could occur in the era of scanners, color printers and ready accessible laminating, notwithstanding the nightmare of the passes getting lost in the mail. The Sox don't use delivery confirmation either. I've received season tickets in a plain yellow envelope before. I can see why they want you to pick them up in person.
Good points, my experience at the Palmer house waiting and line to pick up tickets has been extremely frustrating and a waste of time. They are probably also trying to manage resale although at those prices I cant believe there would be much of a market.

I'm probably stuck in the past but I much preferred the old ways and the venue of the Hyatt. I really enjoyed Sox fest in the 90's and early 2000's but that experience does not exist anymore.
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