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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Just a buyer beware warning regarding the appearance of Bo Jackson and Jim Thome...

On the Score's White Sox Weekly show Saturday, Christine O'Reilly did not commit to Jackson and Thome signing autographs. She specifically mentioned a seminar appearance and photo session with regards to both, but left it up in the air whether they would sign autographs, so don't be surprised if they don't sign autographs. I'm still hoping they do sign autographs and I'm sure O'Reilly would like that to be the case, but there's a real chance they won't. Jackson makes a decent living signing autographs at memorabilia shows and might choose to protect his earning potential a la Carlton Fisk, while Mr. Greatest Human on the Planet was not a willing signer even when he was a Sox player.

just pure speculation on my part based on my past dealings with Thome and Bo in terms of signing, as well as how the Sox handle autographs at sox fest but FWIW I think they both will sign. anyone who wants Bo to sign the "bo knows" photo will likely be dissapointed as he no longer signs it (even at paid events) but who knows maybe he will at sox fest

I am thinking they each do one session on Saturday and that will be it.....would not surprise me if one of them was part of the private MVP signing that occurs on Friday night.

fingers crossed they are signing....have items for each
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