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Thank you White Sox for a MUCH better season than I expected. Proud to be a lifetime fan.

Baseball has always been such a big part of my life. Growing up in Michigan, all my buddies were and still are Tiger fans. Because of them, I'll root for them in the playoffs.

The season ending is hard because to me other sports just don't have the same appeal. I enjoy college football (Go Blue) but baseball has woven itself into my life and that of our country that when the season ends, I view it as a personal loss.

My love of the game was best expressed by James Earl Jones. Check out all the old Sox uniforms in the background.

Nice to end the season with a win. Any predictions on who stays or goes?
I hope AJ returns. Dunn had a great bounce back year, but all those K's wore very thin. Rios was good, even during the teams terrible end. The defense was a great surprise. To quote Maxwell Smart "we missed it by that much".

Best wishes to all. Will check in now and then. Pray for spring.
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