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Default Re: Re: Am I the only guy who likes Manuel?

Originally posted by voodoochile
If he gets this team to the playoffs and then gets them to make some noise then I am fine with him. But, this is his year to actually live up to the promise of 2000. If he can't win with this team, then he doesn't deserve to be managing the Sox, IMO.
Well obviously playoff success is the goal, and nobody would be upset if the Sox won the ALDS or went deeper into the postseason. However I would be satisfied if he simply got the most out of his players, specifically a solid effort for six months of baseball. Manuel's teams have always failed to avoid the season-ending slumps. The '98 team was effectively eliminated before the all-star break (but excused for having young talent). The '99 team looked clueless for half of July and most of August (but again excused for being young). The Sox were buried by mid-May in 2001 (excused for suffering injuries) and by mid-June in 2002 (not excused at all). Others might question the team's effort the last two months of 2000, but I would chalk up the team's indifference to having a fat lead in the division.

The players like Manuel, however it's highly debatable he has ever gotten their best effort. Now in his SIXTH season as Sox manager, that's the problem.
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