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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Also, I fully expect the fans in Houston to revolt if a good portion of that profit isn't spent on improving the team.
Most of the profits are coming from that cable deal they signed in the offseason - ironically the channel that still can't be watched by over half of Houston's cable/sat subscribers.

They've invested tons into the draft, international players (they had the highest budget of all teams in both drafts) prospect trades and player development this year. Plus all but one of their minor league affiliates will be in the minor league playoffs.

But yes, they need spend a little in FA, three #1 picks three years straight are enough.

I'd say they need to ditch Carter and Wallace and bring in two decent middle of the order bats this offseason, not to mention get something remotely decent in the bullpen. Not saying they'll be good but 85-95 losses are better that what they're doing now.

EDIT - Astros owner rebuts: linky

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