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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
Sure is.

But... we now have a price tag on what Floyd will cost next year (if we still have him). Although, with an extra year on his arm the total could come down a tad:

Jackson -
70-71 Career, 29 Years Old
162 Avgs: 11-11 4.40 ERA 197 IP 22 HR 150 K 77 BB 1.43 WHIP
Floyd -
70-66 Career, 29 Years Old
162 Avgs: 13-12 4.46 ERA 204 IP 26 HR 159 K 68 BB 1.33 WHIP
I am intrigued by these comparisons. I looked up Nolan Ryan , another hard throwing stud with control issues, who did make a name for himself in MLB history BTW. At a similar point in his career, Nolan Ryan was
69-70 Career at age 26 , and after 7 seasons averaged 160.1 innings per year. (lifetime 162 game average 14-13, 3.19era, 232 innings)
So there you have it, maybe the Cubs are aware of this similarity and see a long hard throwing future for Edwin. If he turns out to be Nolan Ryan Jr, that would be a steal! Also Ryan threw some ugly no-hitters, lots of walks too.
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