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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I think the movie is great for teaching younger fans about what Robinson went through but I find hard to believe any kid over 7 wouldn't know who Jackie Robinson is. I know Jackie Robinson went through alot and I respect him for his courage but the movie doesn't tell the whole story on him and thats what I was hoping for.
I don't know why you are surprised by that. I'm sure there are teenagers that don't know who he is, or even realize blacks weren't allowed to play once the gentlemen's agreement banning blacks from playing went into effect.

And no, the movie doesn't tell the whole story, and there's no way you could fit the whole story in a two hour movie. But if it gets 1 teenager, or young adult to do some research and learn about him on their own, the movie is a success IMO.

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