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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Of course he is. I have no idea why so many fans think it would be a good idea to trade him at the deadline.

The point of making deals is improving the team in the future. If you are trading players at the dealine, the players you want to look to move are players who are heading into free agency and/or are drains on the payroll. That isn't Sale. That isn't even Reed. You don't trade players who are well outperforming their salaries and will be under the team's control for awhile. Those are the players you want to build around.

If you are going to trade Sale or Reed, you aren't going to do it at the deadline. You do it in the offseason when there are more potential trading partners and you can get more value. (Look at what the perennial non-contender Royals did last offseason.) If you are limited to trading with the few contenders who need what you are offering, one thing you aren't going to get is someone the team you are trading with believes is in a position to contribute soon at the big-league level. A contender lining up as much talent as possible for the stretch run isn't going to give up someone they believe could help them in September.

I expect Crain will be traded after he returns from the DL. He won't command appreciably more than Thornton did, though, because he doesn't have many innings left in his contract, especially considering that he has been shut down twice since pitchers reported this spring. The Thornton trade didn't save the White Sox future money. It weakened the bullpen in a non-contending season for a prospect well short of a sure thing. It wouldn't surprise me if the Sox make one or two waiver deals.

Seriously, I don't expect the Angels to move Trout in the next 10 days and obviously not on waivers. Look at what the Astros got when they moved Keppinger at the deadline a couple of years ago when he was having a better season. Even if the Sox trade Peavy to a contender, they are unlikely to get players that could help them anytime soon, and it would leave a hole to fill in next year's starting rotation.

I'm not disappointed that the Sox haven't been more active in the trade market because realistically I don't expect much out of the trade market.
I'm not saying I advocate trading him, but if someone calls and knocks your socks off you listen.

Apparently, the don't trade Sale for anything ever camp doesn't remember the Bartolo Colon to Montreal trade. You know, the one that fetched Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore and some left handed starter named Cliff Lee. There are no guarantees, but I'd take a package like that any day.