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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Except that US Cellular Field's not a neighborhood ballpark, it just happens to be located in Bridgeport, but it would look and feel exactly the same if it were located in the South Loop, in Addison, or just about anywhere else. There's no thriving neighborhood around it, in fact, it's pretty easy to argue that other than the Dan Ryan, Sox Park is the biggest blight on the neighborhood.

Wrigley is a neighborhood ballpark in that it's an essential and organic part of Wrigleyville. U.S. Cellular Field looks like it was just arbitrarily dropped out of the sky. It doesn't even line up with the street grid.
This is your opinion and can't be stated as fact. Just because you personally think that because it doesn't integrate with Bridgeport and Armour Square as well as Wrigley does with it's surroundings doesn't magically mean it isn't in a neighborhood.

Is US Cellular Field in a retail area?

Is it in an industrial area?

Is it downtown?

No to all three do you say?

It is in the Armour Square neighborhood and is therefore a neighborhood ballpark.

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