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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
I believe kufram was implying a play by play announcer like Elson or Hamilton with a color guy, not just a play by play.
That was the intention.

I was too young to know if they were any good but their voices meant I was at the ball game even if was just a transistor radio held up to my ear.

But I believe the time to talk is when one has something to say... not to just fill the air with the sound of one's voice. A little dead air with the sounds of the ballpark in the background would be better than endless "my 95 years in baseball" lines.

Cricket commentators are very good, very conversational and less full of themselves than baseball commentators. Of course, they have much more time to fill and have to talk for long periods when nothing whatsoever is happening, so I think they take it more seriously. But they have a way of making listening to the game more enjoyable than just reporting on the play or talking about themselves.
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