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Bullpen Sports Bar. Great Idea. Terribly Executed however.
You took a great concept, and built it half-ass. Then, compounded that by making it Bigger outside (great idea) but simply blocking more of the view inside and only putting about 4 more tables out there (Terrible Execution) Another Terrible Waste of Space. Dont get me wrong. I like the place, and not because of the Aesthetics. How about more than just 1 bathroom down there? How about sprucing the place up? When im down there, I feel like im in some Warehouse in Bridgeview with a Bar in the middle of it, and Some Sox Team Photos here and there. Terrible. For Ideas, Look to Miller Park and the Fridays they have there. Well Done. and even if you can sit outside, you can still see the entire field from the bar. Cant do that here unfortuneately.
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