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Originally Posted by Lamp81 View Post
1983 the Sox were winning ugly and looking ugly. Although I have very fond memories of this time period, never a fan of those uniforms. I liked the ones they replaced it with in '87-'90 (except for the "e" hat).

I also like the current design, but would like a another color thrown in. After seeing the '72 reds last year, I'd like to go back to '59 and do a red/black combo (using the red cap at home and the black on the road). I also really like the St Pattys green pinstripes. A green/black combo would look fantastic. You could really tie that into the South Side Irish of Chicago.
If the SOX would ever change their current silver/black uniforms, I would like to see the Red/Black uniforms from that era make a comeback. I especially liked the numbers on the sleeves. The only change I would make to modernize the look would be to have the SOX script on the cap match the SOX script on the jerseys instead of the block-like SOX script on the caps.
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