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Originally Posted by Randar68 View Post
But my point is that a leadoff man hasn't seemingly been that important to this team (at least based on the GM's actions) since One Dog. I tend to disagree, but in terms of OBP we haven't had a good one in forever! Given all the moves KW has made, if it was a higher priority he would have tried to shore that position up long term several times over by now.
Well, KW HAS tried to get leadoff men. But his idea of what a leadoff man should be differs from what your idea seems to be. Trading away Carlos Lee to get Pods, the re-acquisition of Pods last year and now, his acquisition of Pierre STRONGLY indicate that KW has tried to get a leadoff man.

I tend to prefer a leadoff man with a high OBP, as you do. KW seems to prefer a leadoff man with a lot of speed, whether or not he has a high OBP. But the fact remains that KW does value a leadoff man, just of a different ilk than you or I would like.

In any case, Jordan Danks does not fit the description of a leadoff man, by ANY measure. Because of this, he does not appear to have a spot on the big league team, as it is currently comprised.
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