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But the trick... and KW, the entire organization has had problems with this for years.. is to worry about this year AND next year...

Sad to say, but you know who pulls this off really well...

Those guys on the North Side...

Originally Posted by jabrch
LOL - I luv it when you analyze PHG. This trade makes us better this year. I am tired of dicking around and worrying about next year. Who knows what it will bring. Frank, Magglio, Esteban, etc. may be gone. This is a chance to win now. The division is ours to lose now. We just did what we needed to do to assure we don't lose it. In the playoffs, this rotation is built to be competitive. Esteban, Buehrle, Garcia and Garland is a very competitive rotation and we didn't have to trade any of our offense.

KW did good!
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