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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Have you checked out the Sox roster? Seriously. Putting losses on the manager would be like saying the reason Konerko is slow is he wasn't taught the proper way to run. I don't believe they way you are judging him on wins and losses, when several people thought the Sox would step back and they have unloaded some talent from their roster, is the way you would like to be judged in real life. If they guy had a stacked roster and this was happening, fine. But its not and you know it.

Besides, he gets another year of experience under his belt. That means he is only going to get better. I read experience is the key right on this board.i do like that you used the Pythagorean number. Joe Maddon was minus 4 his first year at TB. Minus 1 the next year, yet people here want the guy who stands next to him and is more quiet than Robin to manage the Sox. Unless you are Phil Rogers, using that number to judge a manager is silly, especially of a 95 plus loss team.
Nah, 2 years is certainly enough to get a feel for a manager. I just cannot understand why you want to absolve him of all blame like the manager position does not effect the play on the field . The degree to which he is responsible is debatable but what is not is he certainly is at least partly responsible for this disaster, he is after all the leader of the team. When you say it is unfair to judge on wins and losses , stacked roster or no, that makes no sense. All managers and coaches are judged by wins and losses, and this team , as badly constructed as it was, should have played much better and yes part of that is the managers fault.

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