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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
You realize that every pitcher with a slightly funky motion isn't going need their arm amputated, right?

Gavin Floyd blew his arm out last month, meanwhile Carlos Marmol of the herky-jerky violent motion has never seen the disabled list.

People said the same thing about Tim Lincecum too, and despite his issues he's been healthy as can be.

There was once a tall lefty named Randy Johnson who managed to throw damn near 300 innings a few times with his arm described by some as a ticking time bomb.

I wait on every pitch with bated breath for Chris Sale to destroy his elbow as you've prognosticated for years, and he seems to be doing well thus far.

I know there are a few actual doctors on this board, let's leave the diagnoses to them.
Way to make it seem like the guys I talk about aren't extreme cases with the worst possible mechanics.

Extreme cases almost always blow out their arm.

Randy Johnson is not an exception. He battled arm injuries that kept him ineffective until he was almost 30. He wasn't "the big unit" until age 29. It wasn't until he gained 50 pounds of muscle to his frame that things turned around for him. There isn't anyone in the history of baseball with his physique. No, Chris Sale is not a Randy Johnson clone. You could fit Chris Sale inside Randy Johnson's frame and still have room for another person.

Every artlicle I've seen on Danish says he's Neshek without the stuff. It shouldn't be Earth shattering to make the connection to his arm problems, Neshek was another of those extreme case ticking time bombs that went off.
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