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Originally Posted by sunofgold View Post
Yankees, Red Sox, and WHITE SOX. Not bad company.

If the goal is to win World Series championships, we aren't doing too bad. Hopefully we will be the next AL team to win a World Series and it will be soon. Well not this year. Lol.

And since the AL Central was created in 1994, we are the only team to represent the AL central and win the World Series.
And the last AL team before the Sox, Red Sox and Yankees to win a Series? The Angels in 2002. And how far does one have to go to find another AL team to win a Series? Twenty years since Toronto won in 1993.

Perhaps we should view the Sox' championship in 2005 in the context that it was a significant accomplishment. Can the Sox get back there? With the pitching they have, I think they can, provided that Rick Hahn can make the right moves. I like what I saw from Hahn at the trade deadline and I look forward to more moves.
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