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Default McGwire Wants Nothing to Do With Canseco

McGwire on Bash Brothers' Reconciliation: "It's too late."

I don't post anymore but thought I'd share this with the rest of you, as several parts of the article made me laugh. I've included selected quotes below.

Originally Posted by Mark McGwire
"It's too late. I don't care to ever speak to him again," McGwire told on Wednesday. "What he did was wrong."
Canseco was wrong to write a book about what happened, but McGwire later admitted to doing many of the things Jose accused him of. I'd be interested to know what McGwire is angry about--or if he's really more angry with himself for lying to the media and crying in front of Congress than he is with Canseco for outing him in the first place.

Originally Posted by Mark McGwire
"I can care less what he does," McGwire said.
Uh, Mark? It's "I couldn't care less."

Hope everyone here is well. I still lurk quietly so I can read the Parking Lot and Roadhouse posts, so don't be surprised to see my name pop up on the active users list from time to time.
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