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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Sergio Santos, whom KW traded for the great Nestor Molina, pitched awfully well in September. If he stays healthy -- a big "if" -- the trade will go down as undeniably terrible. Santos isn't close to being "nothing" or "garbage."

Plus, I thought RH was considering trading surplus piching for bats. Why would he want more surplus pitching like Romero and Drabek?
Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Kenny's reasoning must have been based on having Addison Reed in the pipeline. Plus Sergio fell off the chart in September when he got tired. So what does Addison Reed do in September when he gets tired? (all together) He falls off the chart!

But those numbers for Sergio this September look great. (he wasn't tired)

One has to conclude that Kenny didn't maximize his return from those assets. On field management of the talent has to be blamed as well.
Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Santos was a viable closer. We got nothing for him. He got hurt for Toronto - garbage he wasn't. Neither was Quentin nor Jackson, 2 other players Williams gave away.
Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Santos had one solid season as a closer, that's not as valuable as you want to think it is. Quentin was and still is a China doll. Jackson was and still is wildly unpredictable.

It's really unfair to place blame on KW for not getting a lot in return for those guys when they really weren't that valuable to begin with.
I can't remember the guy's name, but the Sox hired away the Jays Latin America scout. The player this scout has the Sox go after turns to crap is not very encouraging to me, scary actually. Regardless of what you think of Santos, it is at the least discouraging that the very first move made on the basis of this new Latin scout turns out so poorly. On top of it, this was a player from this scouts previous employer. You'd think the scout would have hit a HR.

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