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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
In this trade, the Cubs received:
1. A 3B who is hitting .213 with 92 Ks in 273 ABs at AAA.
2. A second-year pro who has never pitched above A-ball.
3. A starting pitcher who had an ERA over 6 in 17 starts with Texas.

This is a "great haul" for what reason? I believe the onus is on you to prove your point.
I don't know whether this is a great haul or a crap haul, but as to points two and three:

2) Doesn't mean anything. At one point, Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux were second year pros who had never pitched above A-ball.

3) Again, doesn't really mean anything other than the starting pitcher has struggled in his first taste at MLB. Doesn't say much about whether he'll be any good 2-5 years from now. The guy they traded away for these prospects was pretty bad in his first call up as well, granted over only 9 starts.
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