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I was sort of thinking along the same lines the other day. How do you motivate a team that was 29 games under .500. I would say to the guys the ''second season'' starts today and our goal right now is to not finish last and while we are at it lets not have the worst record of the teams in Chicago. The opposite part of the equation is that these guys are professionals and are making more money in one year than most people will make in a lifetime and that they should still have some pride and that is all the motivation they need.
As a fan I don't ever want to see a White Sox team wind up in last place or have the worst record, I don't need any more 1970 seasons, one was enough. You might get the #1 pick which could turn out to be a dud.
Maybe Robin said all this to the guys the other day and so far, so good as we are off to a 3 game winning streak to start the ''second season.''
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